Begin course


The Waiter

The key principles of food service apply from fine dining to hearty pub meals. Fine tune your food service skills to make yourself the ‘Perfect’ waiter.



Greene King

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

The Waiter

Taking the order

The Waiter

At the bar

Taking the order & recommending - at the bar

Taking the order

At the table

Taking the order & recommending - at the table

Taking the order


Carrying plates and trays

The Waiter

Final check

Final check on the pass

The Waiter

Check back

Checking customer satisfaction

The Waiter


Clearing, offering desserts and coffees

The Waiter

Fond farewell

Fond farewell & re-setting tables

The Waiter


Mission 1

I have welcomed/acknowledged every customer I have come into contact with today

Mission 2

Every meal I have delivered today, I have checked & would serve to my Nan

Mission 3

At every opportunity I have confidently carried 3 plates today

Mission 4

I have pointed out and encouraged my customers to have desserts whenever I have cleared plates

Mission 5

Every customer that I have noticed leaving today, I have bid a farewell

Missions completed?

Well Done

Well Done!

You have completed your missions!

The Waiter