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Service that sells

Make every penny count by casting your spell for that upsell. What’s the secret? Shhh, let’s take a look…..



Greene King


Creating the right impression

Service That Sells


Communicating to sell

Service that sells

Sales techniques

Sales techniques

Service That Sells

Maximise profit

How to maximise sales

Service That Sells


Tailoring the experience

Service That Sells


Mission 1

Check the business and be proud that your business creates an impression to sell, including you in clean, smart uniform

Mission 2

Make an effort to gain some product knowledge from a team mate today

Mission 3

Encourage all of the customers you serve today to upgrade to a premium dish or product

Mission 4

Interact, engage and have conversations with as many customers as you can today, challenge a team mate – and beat them!

Mission 5

Identify your different customers and do something special to meet their needs, this may be as simple as delivering their drinks or getting them a highchair!

Missions completed?

Well Done

Well Done!

You have completed your missions!

Service that sells